Terms of Service

Effective date: September 13, 2018

89 Entertainment is a media company dedicated to delivering socially relevant and technologically sophisticated mobile applications such as Gazpacho. We are transparent with information that we gather and how we use it. Please read this policy carefully and note that it is subject to change.   

1. Information we collect

We may collect information such as:

Information you provide us directly:

  • Account Information: Your username, password, email address when you register for a Gazpacho account.

  • User Generated Content: User generated content such as JPEGs and GIFs that are submitted to the platform (such as pictures and videos) and associated likes, comments, and shares.

Information you may opt-in to provide us directly:

  • Third-Party Social Media Accounts: You may choose to provide us with one or more social media accounts. Depending on the nature of what social media account is registered, additional information may be provided as well including your name, phone number, sex, and date of birth. 

  • Contact Lists: You may choose to provide us with your devices contacts, including names and phone numbers.

Information you provide us indirectly:

  • Metadata: Metadata associated with user generated content including but not limited to hashtags, filetype, file size, dimensions, and location.

  • Analytics: Interactions within the app itself - include swiping behavior and clicks on user generated content, as well as time spent within content channels.

  • Device Information: Your IP address, location, device ID, browser, and operating system version. 

  • Cookies: We may use small computer files called cookies to record information and user behavior of the other types of information listed here. 

  • Log File Information: We may log information that includes any of the other types of information listed here. 

2. How we use information we collect

We may use information to:

  • Make the login experience more efficient.

  • Make connecting and communicating with friends more efficient. 

  • Personalize the experience of the app through content and ad curation.

  • Monitor metrics such as total number of visitors and demographic patterns.

  • Improve and test the experience (including testing features and fixing bugs).

  • Automatically update the Gazpacho application.

We may share your information with the following parties:

  • Third-party advertising partners to deliver targeted advertisements. When doing so we remove parts of data that can identify you.

  • Third-party consultants to improve the experience. When doing so we remove parts of data that can identify you.

  • Potential investors and business partners. 

  • The government when required to comply with US law. 

You may share your information with the following parties:

  • User generated content you submit through the platform can be shared by the general public once submitted.

  • User generated content may be shared with other friends on the app.

3. How we share information

How we control information:

  • Your information collected may be stored indefinitely and processed in any country in which 89 Entertainment, its Affiliates or Service Providers maintain facilities.

  • We use reasonable safeguards to help keep the information secure and take reasonable steps (such as requesting a  password) to verify your identity before granting you access to your account. However, 89 Entertainment cannot ensure the security of any information.

How you control information:

  • While we hope you use our service for years to come, please do not hesitate to email us (feedback@gazpacho.io) if you have concerns or you wish to delete your account and stored information entirely.  

4. How information is stored

5. How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy please do not hesitate to reach us at feedback@gazpacho.io